About Boogie On Down Productions LLC in Colorado Springs, CO

Emily Gayton - Wedding DJ in Colorado Springs, CO

Making Dreams Come True

It is a pleasure getting to know our clients. Whether it's music, lighting, microphone, or announcing, we understand that it is about the clients' dream. The act of making dreams come true is a dream come true in itself.

My husband Kenneth has been an incredible partner in founding and managing Boogie on Down Productions, LLC. As a married couple with children, we strive to share our joy with others in Colorado through our event DJ business.
Emily Gayton
Owner & Planner

Turning a Vision into Reality

I have over ten years of professional DJ experience. So after meeting my lovely wife Emily, I shared my thoughts with her about starting this business. As we began our venture, it was thrilling to see the bookings take off. When DJing and training our DJs, my primary goal is turning the clients' vision into reality. It is incredibly fulfilling to see their smiles as their visions come to life.
Kenneth Gayton
Co-Owner & Head DJ
Kenneth Gayton - Wedding DJ in Colorado Springs, CO