DJ ServiceIn the Wedding DJ business we often find that the entertainment for a wedding can be one of the last pieces of the puzzle to be sought. Unless the bride and groom have elected to have a live band (very expensive), the thought is that they just need someone to play music and make a few announcements. This thought will lead some people to believe that a family member, friend of the family, or even a craigslist DJ can get the job done for a few bucks. Stop it! A cheap DJ will give a cheap feel to the whole event; as the dancing is the last part of most events, that is what will be remembered by all the guests.

A professional DJ business has invested in the equipment, licensing, insurance and training of those that work for them. The speakers won't fail in the middle of the show and if for some reason they did, you wouldn't know, because a professional has back-ups and can keep the party going even through a crisis. The lighting for the first dance should be beautiful and match the wedding theme colors. When the dancing begins, the DJ will have everyone out on the floor and the music will be crisp and clear, yet not so loud that you can't hear anyone talk. A professional will have fun with the crowd without stealing all the attention for themselves. He or she will be dressed appropriately and not be drinking on the job.

At Boogie On Down, Colorado's best DJ service, we are not cheap. We do, however, understand affordable. We are a husband- and wife-owned business that understands how important that special day is! Who wants to go into the rest of their lives with that perfect someone worried about debt? Affordability means that there is an understanding of what the service is worth without over inflating that value to the customer. We want your event to be perfect without unexpected costs or fees. All of our preferred vendors that we work with (in the dropdown menu, under About, click on Favorites to view links to our preferred vendors) feel the same way we do. So I strongly recommend using the cheap vs. affordable thought process when seeking out all of your special event needs!